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Christina M. DeBusk 

Health Writer & Editor

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Instead of searching for a "freelance health writer for hire" or "health writing and editing services near me" and hoping for the best, choose someone who has completed more than 5,000 writing projects to date, helped clients achieve 1st page Google rank, developed email campaigns that have increased open and click rates by 50%, and more! 


Services Provided 

I specialize in writing and editing content centered around mental and physical health and wellness, both preventive and treatment-based. I also have experience as a personal development writer and have written several articles about small business success. My services include writing and editing:

  • Blogs and Articles

  • Web Page Content

  • Print and e-Books

  • Email Campaigns

  • Case Studies

  • Editorial Calendar Development

Why Choose Me as Your Health Writer?

If we decide to work together, you will receive publish-ready content, usually well before the deadline. Turnaround time is fast, giving you access to your content typically within 1-2 business days. Plus, I only cite reputable sources so your writings include factual, science-backed information. 


I have a bachelor's degree from Central Michigan University with a major in sociology and a psychology minor. This provided a solid understanding of how people think and what causes them to take action. I am also a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Transformational Specialist through the International Sports Sciences Association. (To learn more about me and my qualifications, check me out on LinkedIn.)


Contact me today to see what I can do for you!


"Since first working with her in 2014, Christina has continued to be among our top writers for both our own publications and for a number of our clients. Her copy is diligently researched, insightful, and audience-focused. Her approach and attitude are second to none, and as a result, we continue to rely on her as part of our core team."

Matt Smith, CEO of Modmacro and Founder of Businessing Magazine


Though a majority of my work is ghostwritten, you can find some of my published articles online using these links:

How Can I Help You?

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