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3 Ways to Help Your Writer Create the Best Content for You

I can't tell you how many times I've heard from clients that writers hired before me were "no good" right out of the gate.

Maybe they provided content that wasn't up to par with what the client wanted or perhaps they didn't deliver a first draft in line with the client's expectations.

So, what are some things you can do to increase the odds that you're satisfied with the content your writer creates right from the start? Here are three to consider.

1. Know your goals for the content. As a writer, it's pretty hard to create content that achieves your goals if I don't know what your goals for the piece are. Do you plan to use it to get more leads, to share information, or something else entirely? Each one changes the way the content is written.

2. Share who your audience is. In order to speak to your intended target in a way that will resonate with them best, I need to know who they are (their demographics), what they like and dislike, their concerns, and pretty much anything else you know about them and their lifestyles. This gives me an idea of how to create content that will connect with them.

3. Ask questions. If the new writer says something you don't understand, ask questions. Seek additional clarification. If you don't, it's like having someone talk to you in a different language and you shaking your head yes. You may just have agreed to something that you'd rather not have.

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