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6 Tips for Writing a Compelling Blog for Your Healthcare Business

healthcare professional writing a blog post

You put a lot of time into the blogs that you write for your healthcare business. The last thing you want is to have this time go to waste because your target audience isn’t compelled to read them.

I spend my days helping businesses in the health and wellness space better connect with their patients or clients. To do this, I follow a few basic principles when writing blogs. I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that you’ll better connect with your target audience—and grow your healthcare business.

My six tips for writing a compelling healthcare blog are:

#1: Be yourself. Your patients or clients want to get to know you. So, don’t be afraid to let your personality come through in your healthcare blog. For instance, if you always use a certain phrase, such as “Let me tell you like it is,” use it in your writings. You want the reader to envision you speaking the words when they are digesting your content.

#2: Tell them what you’ll tell them. People are busy. To get them excited about what’s in your blog, give them a snippet at the very beginning to let them know what they’ll learn. You can do this by including a paragraph that shares what the blog is about, or you might put a “Key Takeaway” box at the top of the page to give them the highlights.

#3: Back up your statements with proof. The best way to establish trust and credibility is to provide some type of evidence for the things you say. If you are a dentist, for instance, and you write a blog about sedation dentistry for children but know that many parents are concerned about its safety, you might reference this study which involved 149 children aged three to six, none of which experienced major adverse events with sedation regimens.

#4: Make your content more readable. Have you ever looked at a book or article, seen long paragraphs of text, and instantly decided that you weren’t going to read it? You don’t want your target audience doing this to your blog. To make your content more readable and easier to scan:

  • Use small paragraphs

  • Break up sections with subheadings

  • Include bullet lists when possible

#5: Include a call to action. At the end of each blog, tell the reader exactly what you want them to do. Don’t assume that they will know. If you want them to call your business to schedule an appointment, give them the phone number. If you want them to buy a specific product, include a link to it. The easier you make it for them to take the desired action, the more likely it is they will do it.

#6: Invite the reader to share your blog. The more people share your content, the more social media platforms love it. To promote sharing, it can be helpful to include a boilerplate statement at the bottom of each blog, such as, “If you love what you’ve read, share this blog with your friends and family so they can read it too!” Then, include a shareable link they can click on or copy and paste.

If you have any questions about these tips or want help with your healthcare blog, feel free to reach out. I offer a variety of health writing services and would be glad to discuss how I can help you grow your client list, increase your patient base, sell more healthcare products, and more!

Contact me today and let’s talk about what I can do for you!

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