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How to Stay Connected with Your Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this time of social distancing, when most consumers are being told to self-isolate and stay away from others, it may feel somewhat counterintuitive to try to stay in touch with your client base.

Plus, when the people you normally work with have their own health and wellness to worry about, it can make anything you have to say not near as important.

However, there are a few things you can do to stay in touch with your patient base during the coronavirus pandemic that can strengthen your bond, effectively saying that you're with them in this battle.

With that thought in mind, here are a few actions you can take to show them that you're there for them, even when it appears that the rest of the world is going to hell.

#1: Share How Your Business is Handling the Coronavirus

Even if it's as simple as telling your clients that you're closed for the time being, keeping them in the loop tells them that you're still thinking about them. Continue to keep them updated so they know when you've reopened or if you have any special hours until you're fully up and running again.

If possible, do this via email to ensure that they get it. Social media posts work too but can be slightly less effective if you've fallen out of their news feed or they're not spending much time on these pages.

#2: Give Them an Action Plan

If you typically work one-on-one with your patients, don't leave them hanging just because of the coronavirus spread. Instead, give them a clear plan of action they can take until you can get together in person with them again. This keeps them progressing, but it also gives them something to distract them during this difficult time.

Even if you don't work closely with each of your clients, such as when providing group-based therapies, now is a good time to give them ways to continue to operate as close to "business as usual" as possible. Share a few actionable steps they can do to make it through based on your area of expertise.

For example, if you are a chiropractor, you might remind them of the importance of getting up and moving around versus sitting on the couch all day while self-isolating. If you're a mental health counselor, offer ways to help them lower their anxiety about everything that is going on.

#3: Keep the Lines of Communication Open

It's also helpful to keep the lines of communication open with your business, even if you are shut completely down.

Let your patients know that you're available to answer any questions they may have. Make them feel comfortable to reach out to you if they want to learn more about what you're doing, how your hours have changed, or anything else at the forefront of their mind.

Now is also a good time to catch up on those blogs you've been meaning to write. Since a large portion of the country is at home too, this also means that they're more likely to be read.

If I can help you with any of this -- whether during the coronavirus pandemic or any other time -- let me know. We are all in this together and I will do what I can to help you stay in the forefront of your patient's minds!

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